Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Realistic Last of the Summer Wine

Ahoy Shippers, the other one 'ere.

Do you remember that show?  Do ya?!

The one with the old blokes.  They kept changin' 'em, remember?  There was always a grumpy one who seemed to want to kill his friends off, the scruffy pest that kept sexually harassing women and the nervy one.

Well -Who lived to be a million years old?  The one who freaked out over everything, that's who.

Let's see how a modern day, gritty reboot featuring those octogenarian adventurers would play out...

Ho hooooo, what a lark...


  1. Interestingly they did something like this in a the very small town we used to live in about two years ago where a group of chaps made such things to race down a rather steep hill. Luckily everyone arrived at the bottom safely.

    1. bits of what I wrote dont make sense but I was being shouted at and told my meal was on the table and to stop messing about. Well if your typing is bad to start with the extra pressure is a killer. I will just add these were Northern friendly steep hills with Northern friendly folk speeding out of control down them.

    2. Messing about??? It's not messing reading this blog. It educational and entertaining. There are some who say that this can reduce stress and therefore is as healthy as a good long walk or a salad but without all the blisters and washing up!


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