Attempt at a legal sounding bit of bullshit.

While every attempt is made to ensure that all the things appearing on this blog are ORIGINAL AND OURS BY RIGHT sometimes we may share things we see online that we think would look good on here. In all cases we shall endeavour to credit our sources with link backs but sometimes this may not be possible.
In the event that you see something that belongs to you on here and we have not credited the source, please let us know that you are happy for us to use it but we have forgotten to credit you and we can sort it out for you.

Sinkingship was created, in part, as a result of far too much alcohol taken on a regular basis mixed with sitting at an office desk for far too long in a shaky building somewhere in deepest darkest Manchester.

The only way to vent the hatred and bile that accumulated over the average working week was for our selective group of strange minded individuals to find themselves sharing their twisted thoughts and musing with each other over a pint or three in the many dives and shit holes of that great Northern city.

Some of these videos, drawings and random cries for help can be found on our you tube channel over on the you tube page.

Others are locked away for the good of the general population.

As time progressed this group of rag tag call centre advisers found new occupations through threat of job losses and/or medical research purposes, or in the case of Dave, just stopped bothering all together.

Today, thanks to the invention of the Internet they (Dave excluded) can bring together there further thoughts of the world and all the things within it.

If you like the stuff that is on the is blog... you really need to seek professional help.

Thanks for reading.