Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Dave test.

Somewhere out there, in the big bad world, is a man who goes by the name of Dave. 

Dave is not a man to be trusted. 

A man with such little regard for honour, truth or putting his hand in his pocket and paying his way that he would spend more time and effort in trying to get out of a promise than actually fulfilling his word on many occasions.

A hateful character of his own creation. This man exists.

But Dave is not the only Dave who Daves about being a Dave. 

There are lot's of Daves out there. Lets make sure YOU are not one of them. 

The following scientifically proven test involves real life events that happened to Dave, including the options HE made. 

Chose wisely friends - And don't forget to put your result in the comments box so we can all see how hateful you are. Good Luck!



  1. Even though I'm not a Dave, cos I bloody hate Dave, I did the quiz anyway. I'm glad to report that I am very much a decent human being, (who knew eh?) because if I had to be likened to anyone I know called Dave, then I would have had to go out on a murderous killing spree.

    What is it about people called Dave that just makes you want to twat the f**kery out of them ? At least the ones I know.

    1. There is something about the name that sends a shiver up peoples spine.

      Remember... you spell Dave is an arsehole without D.A.V.E.

      That has to tell you something.

  2. It appears I am a decent human being . . . . . No sure that is right at all I think there must be a fault in the test. . . I need to be nasty or more nasty . . . . Baddies have all the fun in films . . . . Scotland are not that keen on Dave either.


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