Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Armadillo Brown

Hey you!

Welcome to another week of Sinking Ship sexiness.

Here in it's entirety - extras and alternate covers and all - is Armadillo Brown, a cautionary tale of the realities of masked vigilante type malarkey.  We haven't cut it in two in a flagrant attempt to squeeze money out of gullible fans like what they did with that film about the magic boy or the sulky Dracula's.

You're welcome.


  1. Excellent. At last, a hero I can relate to with comparable powers to my own. I loved the artwork and the inspiring forward which taught me many things about the creation of delicious spam pasta.

    Incidentally, does Armadillo Brown taste like Dime Bars?

    1. Thanks Addman. It's always nice when someone appreciates my staying inside the lines and whatnot. It does seem that Armadillo does share a colour scheme so perhaps he does bear a flavoured similarity to the usually rock solid, awkward to eat 'treat'.

  2. A job well done I rather like the humble Aardvark, Everyone likes a superhero with a weakness that makes him vulnerable.

    I will try Mr H's meal idea sometime, although we have vegetarians in our house so this may involve substituting the spam.

  3. Well SPAM IS Something Posing As Meat so it might be okay for the omnivores amongst you Rob.


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