Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Old Abandoned Fair Ground (part one)

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All around poets, artists and creators of anything wonderful stood in awe of the simply beautiful sunset that surrounded Stockdale.

It’s shear wonderment defied description and so no more shall be said of it apart from that fact the huge black cloud of despair that hung over the town itself blocked the view for most of citizens.

Which was a real shame.

The night was drawing near and the indescribable, Lemiwell Jones had arrived at the allotted time by the Old Abandoned Fun fair on the edge of town.

He was due to meet Mr Edwards, the estate agent who was due to show Lemiwell around the facility he had just bought.
As the final hues of yellow, red and purple dissipated behind the horizon, a figure entered view.

You m..m..must be Lemi…well Jones.” Stuttered the estate agent.

Yes I am and you, I assume are Mr Edwards?” Lemiwell asked the short rotund gentleman.

Tha… That’s right.” Mr Edwards confirmed. “Ple… Plea….” Mr Edwards stopped and took out a pair of earphones and plugged them in.

Lemiwell studied the man with curiosity.

A quick fumble later in a pocket later and Mr Edwards was ready to continue.

I have a small stutter.” He explained. “I saw that film the King’s speech and thought listening to music would help.” He spoke eloquently.

The human brain is a marvellous thing isn’t!” Noted Lemiwell.

Yes.” Agreed Mr Edwards. “Shall we go through?” He asked, gesturing his client through the rusted gates that once ushered thousands of customers in summers gone by. The tiny sound of tinny music escaped his ears.

The last of the evening light had now ventured to pastures new and both men were forced to power up their torches.

Two circles of LED light swung from side to side as they walked through what remained of the park.

As they passed the remains of a popcorn stand and the coconut shy Mr Edwards informed Lemiwell Jones of the history of the Fun Fair.

It was first opened in 1924 by two brothers and billed as a freak show. One of the last in the country y’know.” He said unusually proudly. “Oh yes, it was all the rage until the 1960’s when it was discovered that the Siamese twins were just two potatoes nailed together with faces drawn on in felt tip. Nobody suspected a thing until the eldest brother started to sprout roots….

His tale faded away and he noticed that Lemiwell had stopped in his tracks.

What is it?” he asked.

Lemiwell pointed up toward the old haunted house.

Up there.” Whispered Lemiwell. That light in that building? I didn’t think this place had power….

Mr Edwards gulped loudly and whispered back. “I think we should leave Mr jones. I don’t think it’s safe.

Lemiwell grabbed his arm and stopped the estate agent from leaving. “Hang on one second Mr Edwards. Is this place for sale or not?

A silent nod was his only answer.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I own this land and all the property within. Isn’t that so?” He asked, knowing full well the answer.

Another came his way.

In that case, whoever is up there is trespassing and I’m going to let them know that fact right now.”

Mr Edwards did a little hop from foot to foot in mild panic.
Lemiwell Jones frowned. “What’s going on Mr Edwards? What are you not telling me?

The estate agents lips moved but no sound came out. The man was obviously frightened and whoever was behind the mysterious light was probably the reason this abandoned old fun fair was available as such a cheap price.

Come on!” Said lemiwell. “We’re going sort this out once and for all!” and together (well, Lemiwell dragging a reluctant estate agent behind him) they entered the haunted house.

The light had come from an upstairs window and the of them had to find a way upstairs in the dark.

The house creaked and moaned the way REAL old haunted houses do, but this house WAS very old anyway and probably not haunted – just being squatted in. which sounds a lot worse.

Mr jones… I need to tell you something.” Said Mr Edwards. “The reason this place was so cheap….it was because of the …….ooof!

oof?” said Lemiwell Jones. But Mr Edwards could not reply as he had been hit on the head with a large rock that came from an unknown location.

Mr Edwards? Are you okay?” Lemiwell crouched by his companion and shone his torch in the direction of the crumpled seller. “Don’t be scared….

Mr Edwards stirred “no i wont - be afraid. No I-I-I  wont be afraid..

Lemiwells eyes opened wide in shock as he listened to his agent sing at him…

just as long as you stand... stand by me... so darlin' darlin...” Lemiwell threw his hand over Mr Edwards mouth.

You appear to have concussion.” said Lemiwell “ It seems to be making you speak in songs lyrics based on your music tastes that you listen to in order to keep your stammer under control just like that film The Kings Speech” He concluded, rather quickly, for the purposes of keeping the narrative short as possible and allow the reader to get the really good fighting bit that’s coming up.

I want you to stay here and keep quiet.” Lemiwell guided him to where a small point of moonlight peaked through a crack in the wall.

Just pray to what God you believe in and I’ll be back soon.” Comforted Lemiwell.

Mr Edwards tried to get up, but his injury had made him dizzy and he slumped back on the floor.

As Lemiwell made his move he turned back and held his finger to his lips urging Mr Edwards to stay quiet.

As Lemiwell disappeared Mr Edwards Mumbled to himself….

That's me in the corner. That’s me in the spot light, loosing my religion.
trying to keep up with you.
I Don’t know if I can do it..
Oh no I’ve said too much. I haven’t said enough.”*

Meanwhile, Lemiwell headed up the rickety stairs to find the hoodlums who had hid in his haunted house. (try saying THAT with a mouth full of Bubblegum!)

Who is up the stairs of the old haunted house?
What does Lemiwell have planned for the old abandoned fun fair?
What song is next on Mr Edwards playlist?
Find out next week!!!

*with apologies to REM

#TWWBM part five


  1. A grand start Mr H and co I can see spookiness will abound in huge lumps of spooky in a pink candy floss sort of way or like a crunchy toffee apple with a soft apple inside like I remember when I was knee high to a huge thing.

    good work as always and to finish with a song

    You Know I'm Bad-I'm Bad-
    You Know It, You Know
    (Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
    And The Whole World Has To
    Answer Right Now
    (And The Whole World Has To
    Answer Right Now)
    Just To Tell You Once Again . . .
    (Just To Tell You Once
    Again . . .)
    Who's Bad?

    1. Could there be an MJ song in part two? Could be...could be.... or maybe not! It all depends on what Mr Edwards has on his playlist. ;)

  2. Ooh, very atmospheric. I hope it leads somewhere. I mean, ♪ should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements, even if it leads nowhere...♫

    1. Ooh, it's definitely leading SOMEWHERE! Someone or SOMETHING threw that rock but will our hero Lemiwell Jones be able to defeat them?!?!!?!? DumDum Duuuuuuuuuuum!!!

  3. I'm a bit confused by part two. . . . . my PC has been a bit confused by everything lately but I appear to have lost your story . . . . . . . . Well that really is spooky.


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