Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ray Beers Returns

Hi all!

Knowledge is power, so they say.  When it comes to surviving - nay, THRIVING - in the great and not-so-great outdoors, it's better to be well informed and make Mother Nature yer bezzie mate.

Here to impart more wisdom and knowledge is Stockdale's very own pissed-up pioneer ray Beers.  He'll show you how to get your drink on <TOPICAL NEWS ALERT!!!!!> and not have to suck twenty-odd penises in a Spanish nightclub to do it.


  1. Ah I do like a good fire . . . . . . . Are there many Spanish Nightclubs in Stockdale?

  2. Well if there were going to be, at least we know what the theme nights would involve!


Poop deck. - hahahahaha I said poop!