Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Professor Procto: The Wrong Halloween Part 1


Hi shipmates.  It's that month again - a Sinking Ship favourite - All Hallows' Eve.  to 'celebrate, we've a slow burning tale of terror featuring one Professor Procto in a tale of suspense and foul play that might just put the willies up you, but not in a bad Jimmy Saville way.

Sit back, relax, and reming thyself - it's only a poorly executed webcomic...Mwah, hah, haaaaaah.


  1. OOOOOoooooooo a halloween story. . . . we all like a halloween story full of ducks and Morris Dancers. . . . . .AH DAMN I may have the wrong story.

  2. What?! You can't leave it there!!!!

  3. Fear not Lily! The tale will continue as the Ship builds up to good ol' Halloween!


Poop deck. - hahahahaha I said poop!