Thursday, 10 April 2014

Incendiary Devices Are Your Friend


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Phew, readers! Looks like our spectacled hero has saved the day.... or has he? What secrets does this man of mystery hold? Find out next time in the edition of PROFESSOR PROCTO!!!! (link)


  1. Your blog is turning into a classic . . . . . and better still is followed entirely by members of RATs (so far). That does limit it a bit I agree, but the world will catch up after all it takes folk with special minds to leap into the uncharted waters of eccentric blogging.

    The Man of Mystery wears a very bright shirt, I feel sorry for the green thing, life can be tough for a big green thing in the world of fiction.

    1. Quality over quantity Rob. We're not in this to make money... just put a smile of people faces. . . Oh yes, and get our own series on BBC 3 just before it shuts down! hahaha

    2. Look I've come back, well that is the sort of chap I am. You have a dinner party all goes well, we eat, drink, laugh HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH A H HA HA and then all get up to leave and head to the door. It was a good night as everyone waves and heads off into the night. You close the door sigh and think I'M KNACKERED time for bed, switching the kitchen light off you take one look round the the door of the living room to make sure all is safe, and a little voice from the sofa says. . . . . . . . Well that was fun, a cup of tea would be nice . . . . . . YES that person is me.

      A HAHAH HA HH HAH AH HAH HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

  2. I love it when explosive devices half blow off attractive women's clothing.


Poop deck. - hahahahaha I said poop!