Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Henry Hut - Truth Wizard

Hello my name is henry hut and I am a truth wizard.
I spend my time digging through the lies, false hoods and double bluffs of the world In order to bring to you – the feckless- nothing but pure honesty.

THEY* don’t want you to know the truth.

THEY* want you to live in a word of darkness and deceit.

I think we all deserve to know what’s really going on in the world.

You may have heard of the 1%. Well, they are the worst of the lot.

There is one particular person who needs to be exposed for his failure to be honest.

That man is none other than….

Bill Gates.


It could be Stephen Hawkins.

Why would I chose to pick on these two individuals who have done nothing but bring computers into our homes and/or created space?

The thing is, those two people do not exist.

Only one of them does.

Lets look at the evidence.

Here is a picture of Bill Gates.

And here is a picture of Stephen Hawkings.

These two men have never been seen in the same room at the same time.

In much the same way that Superman and Clark Kent are never seen together. All it takes is for him to whip of his spectacles and HEY PRESTO! Nobody can fathom it’s the same guy.


Have you seen that film where they make two black men look white girls? A comedy they called it. Research is what I say.

If they can make a blockbuster of a film with that kind of prosthetics then making bill gates sit in a chair is childs play.

He doesn’t even need to change his voice. Just use a talky box and off you go.

Oh yes, some people** may say I’m mad, but what can’t speak can’t lie.

Not convinced?

Last Hawkins had to retract some of his theories about black holes and space and stuff, in the same year Bill Gates company Microsoft brought out Windows 8!

Still not convinced?
Bill Gates and Stephen Hawkins initials are – B and S….. BS!
And we all know what BS stands for.

My name is Henry Hut and I am a TRUTH WIZARD.


** the so-called doctors at the local psychiatric clinic


  1. Frankly, I've suspected this for many years. I think Bill Gates is basically any famous person who wears glasses, such as Heston Blumenthal, Greg Wallace, and Harry Hill. It's part of his divide and conquer strategy.

    1. I bloody knew it! Heston Blumenthal is probably an anagram for something sinister. Give an hour an I'll work something out!

  2. You have a dizzying intellect. Good job on the detective work.

    1. The clues have always been there. I'm still trying to figure out how Richard Branson killed Barry White and when I do...boy oh boy the poo will hit the fan!

  3. This does explain a lot Mr H (Hut) I have often wondered why my life has spiralled into a black hole after twenty years of sitting in front of my computer. Although the incredible coincidence that my own A to Z today has involved a man and an aardvark called Henry can only lead me to conclude that Mr Stebill Hawkgate as I will now call him because I no longer know his correct name is on to us. I think our best plan is to give the outward appearance of complete IDIOTS, it going to be hard, but I have secretly been practicing in shops and the post office.

    Thank you Mr Hut for clarifying things and I once visited your Brother Pizza but he was busy.

    1. I wish I was a Truth Wizard . . . .

    2. Keep 'em peeled out there Rob. I am aware of your friend Mr Jones and his attempts to encourage aliens into the woods..... He needs more tin foil on his hat if you ask me! There's always room for more tinfoil!

    3. Do you mean like Hergé's Adventures of tinfoil . . . . . I think my old friend, the very nice Steven Spielberg might like tinfoil......


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