Thursday, 3 April 2014

Choose Yawa Urn Geordie Adventcha

WARNING: this post contains a couple of adult words. You are advised not to be offended at individual words because words CAN NOT HURT YOU. 
This post is for purely educational purposes as anyone who has met a Geordie will know they swear like a docker!


  1. Someone who says Fuck as much as I do!

    Welcome to the Blog Challenge.

  2. Not gonna lie, had to read this all aloud to understand it and loved it. Thanks from me but the cat's upset as all hell.

  3. Hello Mr H, it is good you added a bit of a warning although it does have that gritty Northern wit and wisdom. . . . . With luck us frail Middle class Brits and our American friends will not understand a word. It's like going to Glasgow with the family, they sort of think WHAT? to almost everything said by the locals. Even I have problems and I am a Scot. . . . . . . Keep plugging away at the posts fame and fortune is just round the corner. . . . . its just that the corner is a long way off as a good friend once told me, just before I hit him with a kipper.


Poop deck. - hahahahaha I said poop!