Wednesday, 11 March 2015

It IS Unusual

Alright there boyo!

Thom Jones here.  No, not that name-dropping pop-fool on the Saturday night karaoke tripe:- Thom Jones, truth bringer extraordinaire, here to pull the wool from your eyes and hit you with the truth like a thunder ball!

Here, from my secret headquarters in Pontypridd, I'll be investigating the curious, the supernatural and the downright suspect business what the government doesn't wants you knowing about isn't it?!  well they wouldn't you see.  Them's all lizards!

Now first up, let's look at them there pyramids.  They say that dinosaurs died all natural like, and that we shouldn't go looking into the cause of their extinction because we'll never really know or something of that sort.  Well RUBBISH I say.

First off, there was all kinds of different dinosaurs like the T-Rex and them spittin' little cachs out of that fil'em.  Do they honestly want us to believe that all the kinds of monsters died out of the same thing at the same time?  My cousin, who's a floor screeder over in Newport got shingles once.  Did I suddenly get it too?  No.  So that's dodgy if you asks me.

Also, imagine if you will, a world where not enough dinosaurs were killed off.  All those gold barges that the queen rides up and down that sewer of filth The Thames, have to run off something right.  Well it's convenient that they died in time to turns into oil just in time for the jubilee and such.

No, if you asks me, Tutankhamen used the dinosaurs to build his pyramids then had them all hanged so's future Illuminati members could get petrol because he could see the way things was headed right.  Plus they hadn't as many Ford Fiesta's around back then...

Well, that's your lot for now then.  Remember, just reading this eye-opening piece will surely put you in grave danger, so look after yourself and if the men in black suits come a' knocking at your door then i'll carry on and sail this ship alone.


  1. I like the Welsh angle on the death of the dinosaurs and in general I totally agree with every word, well most of them. . . OK a few of them. I was always told the the dinosaurs became birds although I guess they would have been huge birds back then. It would also explain that well know song by T-Rex. . Ride a White Swan. . . We all know that song and I think that would count as hard evidence. As for the Thames River well its full of stuff that's for sure I believe that Godzilla was in it once and ate several members of parliament.

    Keep up the good work chaps we all love Wales (sorry I mean Whales)

    1. Good to see another believer out there in you Rob. Glad to know that flouride 'they' are making us all drink isn't affecting you too badly.

  2. A post in which Tutankhamen, the Illuminati and Ford Fiestas are all mentioned in one paragraph, will make the heads of conspiracy theorists everywhere, explode. Gotta go! I think the Illuminati in the cleaver guise of the postman, is after me...


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