Wednesday, 21 January 2015

It's.......The Stockdale Shouter! issue#2

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  1. Well you are very lucky in Stockdale because in our local paper we have just learnt that William Hague is moving into the area. Very close to an old cynical lefty friend of mine. . . . . However we know someone who has done work on the house he is buying and we know that the guttering fills with leaves in the autumn and can can cause a minor leak issue if not sorted out. We know this but Mr Hague does not so we thought we might go and see if he will spare a bowl of sugar and warn him of the possible problem he has.

    1. William Hague? Him off the tele? Wowzers. Although he does sound Wallace (off of Wallace and Gromit) with flu.
      There's nobody THAT posh in Stockdale... they wouldn't last that long!

    2. He might be posh but he has a roof susceptible to leaky gutters.

    3. It's a great equaliser is a leaky gutter.

  2. I find this article offensive to those who suffer from the quite serious and often debilitating affliction of mispronouncing the letter S. These include old people whose dentures outsize their mouths, snakes with lisps and...well that's it really. I shall be writing a formal letter of complaint to whoever is in charge. Good day sir.


    Sidney the Serpent.


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