Wednesday, 17 December 2014

DON'T's Gordon Blam!

It's Christmas time!

That means we're due for all those repeats on TV.

Here at Sinkingship, we are not to be outdone by the big corporations when it comes to disappointing our viewers with rehashed-done-to-death things to watch.

With that in mind, here is a golden oldie from the archives.

Gordon Blam! The Makeshift Chef and his handy hints for Cooking at Christmas.



  1. Well I am having a chicken but I might try this cooking method as I can see it will save a lot of time and might be fun. I dont have a gun myself but a short distance up the road is an elderly chap (90) who has just the weapon I need to do this or start world war three. Its a big gun but as I don't know much about them I reckon big is probably better. I thought maybe petrol might be a better option and a bit of garlic and some bacon. . . .

    I too might do a few repeats for Christmas on my own blog. . . after all thats what Christmas is all about.

    1. Using Red Diesel gives the Turkey a nice "country smoke" flavour to the meat (assuming you can find enough bits in next doors garden!)

    2. A point well made and with fuel prices dropping now is the time to try.


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