Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Henry Hut - Truth Wizard: Time Travel

Henry Hut - Truth Wizard

Henry Hut  Truth Wizard here with another sensational story that will blow your mind right through your body so that your socks fly off!

It has been banded around the internet, by scientists and so called experts, that time travel is NOT possible.

Well I have undeniable proof that it is.

Before we go any further, this is not going to be one of those "wacky" posts where the idea of time travel is just a jumbled up way of looking at things... I am going to show proper, genuine examples that people are able to travel back in time or at the very least are able to see into the future with 100% accuracy.

In fact, there is evidence of  time travel happening every day.

That's right, you hear me - Every.Single.Day.

Brace yourselves ........


Every night at around 11PM the news channels have a segments where they look at "Tomorrows papers".

They do this with a straight face and nobody, not even the guests they have, stop and shout "What the hell are you talking about? how can we look at things that have not even been created yet? This is witchcraft!"

This is because people will always follow the crowd rather than think for themsleves. 

Sheeple, they are called.

Well, I say it's time to wake up.

The press have had the ability to bring back newspapers from the future for a long time now and nobody has ever called them up on it.

They could use this power to stop wars, or warn of floods and help reduce robberies and stuff. Instead they simple look at them and read them as if it's absolutely natural and not breaking the laws of physics at all.

I suspect that they are sneakily handing off the horse racing results to the back office staff at the BBC or Sky News, in order to keep people quiet.

Not all the winners, but just enough that those who are caught in "their" trap gain enough to keep in profit without being able to loose all their money.

"They" probably throw in a couple of losers in their for good measure.

Quite honestly, I think it is out of order and should be stopped. This ability should be allowed to be used by the people and not hidden behind closed doors. 

From knowing exactly what the weather will be like to reviews of the soaps. Just think how much warmer and drier we would be and how much time we could save not having to wait to find out who the father of Sonia's baby is, or if Jack will tell Denise the truth about that night he lost all the takings from the charity box...

We could do so much more.... but instead we are held back by the elite, unable to realise our full potential before/after it has happened.

But who is behind this amazing wonder of seeing into the future? and just who is stopping the rest of us from sharing this ability?

Is it the Illuminati or the Masons - NO.

What about Mumsnet? They are always in the news for stuff..... NOPE

The answer is a lot closer to home.

The evil ones who keep us all in the dark are the ones who like to complicate our lives each and every day with tricks and riddles in the newspapers themselves....

It's the clever so and so's that do the crosswords!

Think about it.

If we could see into the future by viewing tomorrows newspapers, we would be able to see the answers to the crossword at the same time.

This would make the act of completing crosswords a mute point, resulting in crossword writers being made redundant.

They hold the power and they are holding us all back.

The cryptic bastards.

One day we will have our.... Vicar pulls out of Engine (8)*

* rev eng(in)e


  1. AAAauuuuuuuuuggHHHHH Cryptic things. . . . . TEAPOT TEAPOT TEAPOT TEAPOT . . . . . ..H AH AHAHAH AH HAH AH AH haHa ha hah ah ah ah ah h ah ha haah hhah ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah ah ahah ha ha ha ah ha ah ah ahah ah ah ah ah ah ahah ah ah ah ah ah ahahahahah hahah ah ahhahah a

  2. Crosswords only exist to drive me to drink...and the occasional murder. And just to prove my point, it took me bloody ages to work out that clue and now the dead body of the postman is lain at my feet.


Poop deck. - hahahahaha I said poop!