Monday, 29 September 2014

Prepper Pete and Doomsday Darren!


A sinkingship special report!

Pete here, with a copy of a post made specially for you lot.

In a break from the norm we thought it was important to let you know that both myself and Darren are getting married, stealing bodies from the local cemetery, on the run from the fuzz, have spent a wild weekend in the woods.

I am writing this covered in bruises and still finding bits of mud in my hair.

This is most certainly not a usual situation that I find myself so let me explain how I ended up black and blue, covered in dirt like some kind of feral animal but all the better for the experience.

First we need to remember what happened in February when the storms hit and the power went out and I promised myself I would build a kit to keep me going in the event of an emergency.

For the six or so months since the power went out, I have been researching the internet, reading books and watching survival shows in order to build up a reservoir of knowledge.

But theory is only part of the process and practice makes perfect as they.

With that in mind I set about buying the sort of things I "may" need in the event of the electricity disappearing.

Here is a picture of Some of the things that I thought would come in useful.

This bag contained:
  • zippo lighter
  • ferro rod and striker
  • waterproof matches
  • fresel lens (magnifying glass to you and me)
  • parachord
  • compass
  • sealed box containing food rations.
  • zippo bags
  • multi tools + torch on a keyring
  • mora knife and knife sharpener
  • tea lights
  • cutlery set
  • small stove and fire lighters
  • mess tins
  • thermal cup
  • water purification kit
  • folding shovel
  • pillow (not used)
  • emergency blankets (not used)
  • first aid kit (used...lots!)
  • sewing kit
  • various books (S.A.S. guide, knots, edible plants)
  • deck of cards
  • notebook
  • Solar panels
  • water bottle
  • change of clothes
  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping mat
  • and a bag to put them all in! 
Not pictured are: portable battery, shemagh, more cordage and a tarp.

In total the bag weighed 9 pounds and was easy enough to carry.

Darrens bag was much the same, but better.

That bag, along with Pete and Darren took ourselves away into the wilderness of the Shropshire hills and spent the day on a survival course which is run by a group trained by Bear Grylls himself!

We did lots of things and learnt an awful lot including the following:

  • You can eat nettles without them stinging your tongue.
  • how to start an upside down fire.
  • How to find various points of the compass without the use of a compass.
  • Crossing a ravine by dragging yourself across a rope may cause bruising and nipple burn if not done correctly... (yes, that WAS me!)
  • AND... How to skin and cook a rabbit (although we didn't kill the bunny, That was done by a farmer for us).
An upside down fire!

We also made our own shelter and spent the evening camping out in the woods.

All in all it was tons of fun and well worth the experience.

Now, I know what you are thinking: "Oh no, he's one of those oddball preppers!"

Well, you are only half right. 

I'm not a prepper.

Or at least I don't consider myself a prepper - in the way some people think about preppers.

I am not the sort of person who thinks about the end of the world, or Nuclear apocalypses or anything like that ( and to honest most preppers are not like that either), but if/when the electric goes off again I know that I am ready for action and there will no panic or fuss.

Plus, roasted Rabbit is quite nice when you have skinned it, pulled it's guts out then twisted it's head off and stuff on a stick over a hot fire.

Blurry picture of a rabbit being skinned by Darren after I had pulled out it's guts.

Anyway. Confidence has been instilled, lessons learnt, and new hobbies fully established.

It is amazing how little we remember about how we used to live. It was not that long ago that people HAD to live this way or perish. 

I think it is important to know at least a little bit about surviving and at the very least I can freak people out by eating nettles straight off the plant.



  1. Hello SinkingShip I have made my comment on the blog of Mr H, I did point out I think he is mad and so to be fair I think I should say I think you are all mad. Should the electricity fail and the end of the world turns up at least I know you can't get all snug on your blogs and say HAH AH AHAHAH ah ah ah ahah ahah ahaha. . . . . Anyone for roast Rabbit.

  2. The TRUTH WIZARD here - when the world ends and the internet goes down, Sinkingship WILL still be here for everyone to still enjoy!
    Although it may all be our fault somehow.....


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