Tuesday, 3 June 2014

8-10: Henry Hut and the Secret of Truth. (part 1)

Welcome to a new, on-going adventure from Sinkingship. Over the next few weeks our hero - HENRY HUT - will have to make life changing decisions that will effect the world as we know it forever.
Join us now, at the very beginning of his adventure....

Chapter one: F.E.A.D.B.

Just outside Stockdale town centre there is a small back alley without a name. The cold exposed brickwork has been crumbling for many years and is only held together by the violently explicit graffiti daubed by the local youths.

On the far side of this alleyway is the entrance to Mabel's Cafe.

A dank and dreary exterior hides a danker and drearier interior. 

The once plush and colourful walls and furniture are nothing but a grease splattered ripped cushioned disaster area.

The smell of week old fat bubbles in the air and the rings of a million mugs of tea create hypnotic shapes on the wobbly tables.

But for all it's faults, Mabel's cafe is world famous for serving the best Full English All Day Breakfast in the north. (available until 11:30am)

Cooked by Mabels long suffering Husband, Alfred, this artery clogging, life expectancy reducing meal is sought after by manual workers, office temps, police and criminals alike.

Mabels is the one place where polar opposites can sit together in peace and harmony and enjoy a belly busting meal together in peace.

Today is no different. The time is 11:22am and Henry Hut (truth wizard) has just sat down on one of the two seats that have not been ripped to shreds.

He does not need to look out of the window for he knows exactly what he wants. He wants what he has had every Wednesday for the past umpteen years without fail.

Henry Hut wants his Full English All Day Breakfast (available until 11:30am).

Mabel herself shuffles over to Henrys table.

"Ullo Henry love." Said said, trying to keep her false teeth from falling out.

"Hello Mabel. The usual please." Replied Henry. 

He stared out of the window and watched the populous of his home town shuffle by.

Most were at work by this time. But there was still plenty of life milling around with nothing much to do.

Moving from point A to point B was enough to justify their existence, Henry thought to himself. If only they KNEW the truth like what I do. He continued.

This Wednesday was due to be much like most others but for one small difference. Henry was having his Full English All Day Breakfast (available until 11:30am), the elderly were still queueing outside of the post office for their weekly pensions, the jobless youths were hiding around the corner waiting to rob the pensioners of the pensions and the police were situated further down the road in order to catch the youths who had robbed the pensioners.

It was the same routine every week.... EVERY WEEK.

But something was going to change today. Henry could feel it.

He also knew it as well because he had been told as much.

"Everything is going to change..." was what was written on the e-mail he had received the day before.

Is was an odd thing for an e-mail to say, but Henry being Henry, he knew that a good conspiracy had to have a kernel of truth to it.

The e-mail had given Henry a set of instructions to follow in order to find out just what was going on.

"Meet at Mabel's cafe at precisly 11:30am and all will be revealed. Do not tell anyone. All will be revealed. Everything is going to change...."

Henry checked his watch as Mabel brought over his mug of tea.


Henrys watched had stopped! 

"Oh bum!" he said out loud. "Mabel what time is it?" He cried.

"Oh um...." said Mabel, not thinking she would have much more to do in this chapter she had not really been paying attention. "It's ... erm.... 11:24am"

"Phew!" said Henry relieved. "That was close. I thought I was late for...

But before Henry could finish, a lone figure entered the cafe.

Standing out like a sore thumb (mainly because he was bright red and looked rather swollen) the lone figure walked straight over to Henry and sat down opposite him.

Henry stared open mouthed. The stranger took off his fedora hat and trench coat (because that's what spies always wear to blend in) and spoke.

"Mr Hut?"

Henry nodded silently.

"We have a lot to discuss."

Henry nodded again, but with a slight air of confusion.

"We are aware of your past work Mr Hut. Your theories and conspiracies. It's only due to the law of averages that you are about to stumble upon something that, if exposed, would change the world forever and ruin thousands of peoples lives. We... I can not allow that to happen Mr Hut.... Henry."

Henry stared in disbelief.

"I don't believe it...." He whispered to himself.

Who is the strange stranger? What truths shall be revealed? Where is this story going? When will Henry's breakfast arrive? Why has the stranger not been given a name yet? How many mice does is take to screw in a lightbulb?
All these questions and more will be revealed next week on HENRY HUT AND THE SECRET OF TRUTH

#TWWBM part two


  1. I do Like Henry Hut it's like Robert Mitchum in The Big Sleep. . . . . Love the story so far and I do love a good all day Full English Breakfast, I only have them when I am away on holiday on the grounds that ONE they are about a year off your life for every two or three. And TWO I am not allowed and get told off, particularly since I don't have life insurance anymore due to being old, knackered and liking a good Full English Breakfast. Apparently they put your premiums up. . . typical of those Southern middle class desk loving insurance brokers . . . With their gym membership and running machines and 5 a day veg......

    I look forward to part two (although I may be in Scotland) so I may be late getting to part two . . . . we will see.

    1. Och Aye tha Nooo!
      I was refused life insurance when I made the mistake of telling them exactly how much I drank, smoked and ate. I was un-insurable even though I was working in life insurance at the time! Now I have changed how much I drink,smoke and eat I am barely considered alive were it not for my continuing subscription to "sitting still monthly" magazine. hahahahhahaha

    2. I love that sitting still monthly mag with its handy lightweight paper to avoid wrist strain. . . . (does that sound rude ? . . . . . .)

  2. Not sure why Henry popped up again. But the mans a star and I agree with his choice of Breakfast . . . .


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