Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Maze Mither

"Eeeh, that's filthy Turk Dr. Horrace Yachtsman is after our Enid's pension money.  She's been saving that all her life.  Been scrimpin' and saving she has and she wants to leave it to 'er son Geoffrey so that he can go to Thailand to have a cheap sex change and become one of them Lazy Boys or something.

Any road, stop messing about and help Enid run into the nursing home (rendered confusing by her fading memory) and out the back into the smoking area to her precious Players Number 6 ciggarettes."

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  1. Comments Yeh . . . . . . I can say stuff Now . . . . . Well Cool . . . .AH DAMN I can't think what to write about. . . . I will shuffle sideways and out of sight until something really clever pops into my brain. . . . .

    That maze has more than one option I like that; Enid will be OK. . . Phew . . . OK I'm off to think of words of genius and to draw a pigeon on a mans head (really quickly) for my letter U.


Poop deck. - hahahahaha I said poop!