Saturday, 26 April 2014

Where's Wally? A Prose Puzzle

The eighties gave us Puttin' On The Ritz by Taco, Krull, Thunder Cats crisps and other relics found now only in museums.  One creation that hung around for a fair old spell was Wally, or as he's known across the pond, Winky The Paedophile.

Today's modern readership can still find real books made of tigers or rhino horn or whatever it is they're carved from and while away hours looking for the eponymous protagonist whilst slowly going blind in the process.

Here in the sophisticated era that gave us Made in Chelsea, twerking and Hipsters it's time for Wally to move on.  So, with illustrated books, cartoons and even cereal covered in sugar, ladies and gentlemen, we give you Wally's first ever prose book...


Where's Wally?  The Seaside Shenanigans.

In a frankly baffling scenario, an unlikely number of people crowded together on, let's saaaayyy...a beach. 
Yeah:- That'll do. 
Most people are on the sandy beach itself but several are either out in the water or on various water-borne vessels.

In the sea itself there is a man paragliding, a young blonde-haired woman on a jet ski, two couples having a 'donkey fight', some people throwing a foot or soccer ball to one another, a man in a humorous rubber ring, perhaps with a ducks head on it, a lady in a red and white striped bathing suit and a man and woman in a dinghy.

There are several boats near the shore too including a yacht.

On land there is a man buried in sand, a child with an empty cone, dropped her iced-cream, a boy making a sand castle, a couple holding hands, several people lining up to ride a donkey, the donkey's themselves and their owner, a portly lady under a parasol, a man performing a punch and Judy show, a boy and his father attempting to fly a kite, the first of a number of visitors to the beach wearing deliberately misleading red and white striped clothing intended to cause one to believe he may have found Wally early in the proceedings, Wilma - a friend of Wally's, a child playing with a blue and white beach-ball, a man in a shirt pointing out to sea, a lady selling iced creams, Wally's enemy Odlaw in his characteristic black and yellow striped jumper, a group of people trying to from a human pyramid, none of which are Wally, a hapless man being pricked by a cactus though it seems a strange place for a cactus to be, numerous 'Wally Watchers' are here, dressed much like Wally, there's a seagull stealing a sandwich from the picnic basket of an oblivious family, a couple are listening to a radio and several disparate groups are huddled behind brightly coloured wind-breakers. there's Wally himself, a man with a muscular upper body and underdeveloped legs standing near a man with muscular legs yet and underdeveloped torso and arms, a toddler prodding a starfish with a stick and numerous sun bathers and playing children to fill out the area.

How did you do?  Did you find Wally (or Waldo if you're a cowboy)?

Don't worry if you're struggling.  We assure you Wally is in there somewhere but should you be struggling remember, he's the one that looks like Wally.  you know.  From them books.


  1. I have not found him yet but to the best of my memory Wally did not actually do a lot in the books. To tell the truth what with my rubbish eye site I seldom found Wally in them, particularly after I had added sunglasses and robot arms to folk with my trusty ball point pen plus a few monsters and aliens.

    I will be back to investigate and say I knew that as soon as someone solves it all. I may try the process of elimination, I known he is not a starfish or a seagull . . . . . . . .I think.

    Ooooo this is like being back at college with formula spinning before my eyes in a haze of haziness.

    1. Howdy Rob. I too recall adding many a robot to school books, to the extent that I now seem to remember them as part of history. I'm pretty sure children using my text book will assume that ninjas were the cause of dinosaur extinction, the Nazi's were beaten by a joint smoking, sub-machine gun toting Ice-T and roman centurions and oversized, prehensile penises that were constantly spurting giant globs of semen.

  2. He's getting pricked by a cactus! No he's paragliding. No, no he's laying on a towel. I think you cheated and wrote him without a bathing suit!

    I'm glad comments are back.

    1. Something very strange happens with our comments. Our elves are looking into it with heavy hammers and faces fixed with rage.
      Wally IS in there somewhere and can be found. It's just like the real thing. He's hard to find! Keep looking!


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